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Brains! is a quick and chaotic card game suitable for zombies as young as 8. The latest in the Treasure Hunters series (which includes the hit games Scuttle! and Ninjitsu!), any of the games in the series can be played separately or shuffled together for pirate-ninja-zombie mayhem!

The game takes 5-10 minutes to play, and each game is totally different. 

Download a print-and-play copy of the game here! 

Brains! brings a new, unique mechanic to the Treasure Hunters series - graveyards! At the start of the game, each player is dealt a random card to start their graveyard.

When you discard a card from your hand or your collection, it moves to the top of your graveyard. Cards at the top of your graveyard can interact with the game in a few different ways:

Cards like the Guitar change their value based on the top card of your graveyard!
Cards like the Guitar change their value based on the top card of your graveyard!

If you've never played a Treasure Hunters game before, Brains! follows the same basic structure as Scuttle! or Ninjitsu! - each turn, you either draw 2 cards, play a card, or bury a card.  

Each card has a different ability - use your zombie army to collect juicy, delicious brains. The first player to have 21 or more at the start of their turn is the winner.

Brains! introduces a special new action - instead of drawing or playing on your turn, you may bury the top card of the deck. 

As well as the above abilities, cards in your graveyard can be reanimated later in the game for further use...

For more information on how to play, check out the video below: 

Like all Jellybean Games, Brains! is simple enough for young gamers to enjoy, while having enough strategy to engage grownups as well. The unique “graveyard-building” mechanic means that destroying your opponents’ cards can be a double-edged sword, triggering powerful abilities and allowing combos!

The Burial! expansion offers 14 new cards, adding (six feet of) depth to the game. Cards at the top of your graveyard now protect your other treasures, allow you to draw 4 cards as an action, or allow you to draw cards from opponents’ graveyards! And with a multitude of new “bury” effects, you can combo actions until your opponents will wish they were (un)dead...

With more zombies (and a kid in a Zombie Costume), more treasure (such as the delicious Bucket of Brains) and more ways to outwit your opponents, this Brains! expansion will totally change the way you play the game.

Brains! is the third game in the Treasure Hunters series - as well as being played as a standalone game, it can be shuffled together with Scuttle! and/or Ninjitsu! 

Available as an add-on to any pledge is the Treasure Hunters Expansions, a set containing 3 unique expansions that work with any game in the Treasure Hunters series, including Brains!

Masters of Magic: An ancient grimoire has been uncovered, unleashing the secrets of ancient magic! These 15 cards add a unique twist to the game, and can be shuffled into any game for a magic touch.

The Elements: Seize the powers of nature with these unique player abilities! Master the forces of the elements to crush your opponents. Use the powers of Fire to protect your treasure, or to steal cards from your opponents! 

Heavy Weather: It’s raining, it’s pouring, it’s...flooding? Shuffle the Event cards into the deck, and change the weather each time one is resolved! Sunny days allow players to draw new cards, fog can make you play blind, and snow will let you retrace where you’ve already been…

These three expansions can be played individually or all at once, whether you’re playing Brains! by itself or combining it with any other game in the Treasure Hunters series.

Rewards bound for the EU will ship from within the EU. Rewards bound for Canada will ship from within Canada. No extra customs charges! 

If you'd like additional copies of Brains!, Ninjitsu!, or Scuttle!, simply increase your pledge, and the extra items will be added into your order when the campaign closes.

All add-ons include free international shipping!

Brains! is the eighth game from Jellybean Games. The company was formed to bring you awesome experiences for gamer kids (and their parents) which can also be enjoyed by the wider gaming community.

We make games for kids that grown-ups love.

All the money we raise will go towards making Brains! even better and furthering development on all our future games. 

Without your support, Jellybean Games would be unable to keep making kid-friendly games that grownups love.

Available Rewards:

$15USD + Shipping


Get a copy of Brains!, the Promo Pack, the Burial expansion, and all unlocked stretch goals.


  • Brains!
  • Burial expansion
  • Promo pack
$22USD + Shipping


Get a copy of Brains!, the Promo Pack, the Burial expansion, all unlocked stretch goals AND the "Treasure Hunters Expansion" pack, which consists of Masters of Magic, Heavy Weather, and The Elements.


  • Brains! (including the Burial expansion and promo pack)
  • Treasure Hunters Expansions
$49USD + Shipping


Everything in the Treasure Hunters line - Brains! (and its expansion), Ninjitsu! (and its expansion), Scuttle! (and both its expansions), all the promo packs, and the Treasure Hunters Expansions: Masters of Magic, Heavy Weather, and The Elements.


  • Brains! (including the Burial expansion and promo pack)
  • Ninjitsu! (including the Sabotage expansion and promo pack)
  • Scuttle! (including the Curse of Black Jack and Scurvy! expansions and promo pack)
  • Treasure Hunters Expansions

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