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Dracula’s Feast is a 10-15 minute game of hidden roles and logical deduction for 4-8 players aged 10 and up. Each player takes on the role of a classic monster at a masquerade party - Identify and expose everyone else... and keep all those juicy villagers for yourself.

Dracula’s Feast is a hidden roles game with no narrator, no ‘eyes closed’ phase, no player elimination, and no generic ‘villager’ role. Each character in the game has a unique ability - Doctor Jekyll can transform into a monster at the end of any of her turns, Van Helsing is here to hunt down Dracula, and the Witch is hiding from her neighbors.

Turns are simple - choose another player, and either:

  •  Inquire their identity, asking if they're a specific character (they'll answer secretly with a Yes or No card)
  • Ask them to dance; if they accept, you'll look at each other's cards. If they refuse, you may inquire a different player.

Once you think you know who everyone is, you may accuse the party. If you've correctly guessed everyone's identities, you win! But if you get even a single guest wrong, you're exposed...and have likely given one of your opponents the information they need to win.

It's simple, fast, fun, and with 10 different characters who can be played in any combination, each game is totally different.

For more information on how to play, view the rules online.

Dracula’s Feast: New Blood improves everything you loved about the original. The second edition includes:

  •  New roles! The game now comes with 10 unique roles (plus any promo roles unlocked through stretch goals), including a brand-new guest for advanced players - The Witch
  •  Extensive rebalancing! Since the first edition was released, we’ve playtested the roles hundreds of times to ensure that all the characters are finely-tuned and ready to scare.
  •  Updated art! Character artist Michael Dashow has done an amazing job of bringing the guests to life, giving each of them their own thematic movie poster.
  •  Streamlined rules! Years of development have resulted in simplified, more accessible rules - while still containing all the strategy of the original. Changes include players keeping their powers after they’re revealed, fewer rules exceptions, and simpler (but equally strong) guest powers.
  •  More powerful actions! The tweaks to the three basic actions mean that every turn you take matters!
  •  Advanced guests! The characters have been split into ‘basic’ and ‘advanced’, to make the game easier to teach to new players, and to provide a meatier game experience for experts.

You do not need a copy of the first edition to play! Dracula’s Feast: New Blood contains everything you need!

What's Eric Playing:

"If you’re looking for a fun, spooky deduction game for your game group, Dracula’s Feast: New Blood might be right up your alley!"

Brian's Got Game:

"Dracula's Feast: New Blood was a wonderful little surprise. I'm not usually looking for social deduction games, but this one won me over with its potential for creative misdirection. This isn't simply a matter of figuring out which player is the baddie—instead, you get to juggle dozens of little hints and must pay attention to every player at the table. The resulting challenge is as hilarious as it is interesting." - Cole Wehrle, designer of Root.

Dracula's Feast is easy to learn and quick to play. It’s been played thousands of times over the last half-decade, and players are consistently impressed by the depth of play, constantly finding new interactions and tricks to stay one step ahead and avoid giving themselves away.

This is a logical deduction game with: 

  • 10 unique roles (and no generic “villager” role)
  • Bluffing without ever having to lie
  • Engagement during all players’ turns
  • Flexible player count
  • No “night” phase
  • No narrator
  • No player elimination
  • No yelling! 

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Peter C. Hayward - Designer

Tom Lang - Developer

David Stephenson - Development 

Michael Dashow - Artist & Graphic Designer

Nicole Perry - Operations Manager

Special thanks to:

Vaughn Reynolds, Kickstarter graphic design

Suzanne Kabrt-Zinsli, customer service

Kevin MacLeod, video music - Graveyard Shift
       Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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Dracula’s Feast: New Blood

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  • Dracula’s Feast: New Blood

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