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From the designer of Dracula's FeastHidden Panda is the world's cutest social deduction game. Each turn, players must try to hand baby pandas to their team: Bandits are trying to give them to other Bandits, while Pandas are trying to get them to the Panda team without giving their role away.

Watch the other players closely, and trust no-one! (Except Grandma. You can probably trust Grandma.)

The Panda Team (Pandas, Grandma, the Keeper) are trying to protect the Pandas and collect the most baby pandas.

The Bandit Team (all the Bandits) are trying to net the Pandas or collect the most baby pandas.

Grandma reveals her role. Everyone else closes their eyes, and the Pandas put their thumbs up.

  • The Pandas open their eyes to see the other Pandas. All humans look the same to them! They close their eyes, but keep their thumbs up.
  • The Keeper opens her eyes to see the Pandas. 
  • The Bandits keep their eyes closed; they only know their own role.

Everyone opens their eyes, and Grandma takes the first turn!

When a player has 3 pieces of bamboo, each player votes on whether or not they should be netted. If the last Panda is netted, the Bandits win immediately!

Netted players don't reveal their roles - Hidden Panda has no player elimination!
Netted players don't reveal their roles - Hidden Panda has no player elimination!

Once a player is netted, they continue to play as normal, except that they cannot receive baby pandas from other netted players.

At the end of Grandma's third turn, the team with the most baby pandas wins!

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Hidden Panda is easy to learn and plays in about 20 minutes. Like all Jellybean Games, it provides a lot of strategy and replayability from just a few simple rules. This is a social deduction game with:

  • Unique, easy-to-understand roles! Pandas only know the other Pandas, Grandma and the Keeper know everyone, and Bandits only know their own role.
  • Simple victory conditions! If all the Pandas are netted, the Bandits win! Otherwise, the team with the most baby pandas is the winner.
  • Concrete information to go on! Shouting won't net you a victory in Hidden Panda - each turn, you must give out baby pandas AND place a piece of bamboo, giving the other players a solid basis for their suspicion.
  • Everyone in the game gets to bluff! In most social deduction games, certain roles should just be completely honest. Due to the asymmetrical information in Hidden Panda, every player has a reason to convince the others that they're not who they seem.
  • No player elimination! Everyone plays for the entire game.
  • Engagement on every player's turn! Voting, bamboo, and receiving baby pandas means that you'll be involved from start to finish. Deduce everyone's identities based on who they vote for, who they side with, and - of course - who they distribute baby pandas to.
  • Flexible player count! Hidden Panda is equally fun at all player counts.
  • Family-friendly social deduction! Bright, fun characters, a kid-friendly theme, and one publicly-revealed player make this a great social deduction game for all ages!

All backers will get a set of exclusive tokens with every copy of Hidden Panda! 42 wooden baby pandas, not available after the campaign!

To add $23 to your pledge, select "edit pledge". After the campaign, using the pledge manager, you'll be able to add a copy of Hidden Panda, Village Pillage, Ninjitsu!, Scuttle!, or The Lady and the Tiger for each $23 added this way.

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Hidden Panda is from the team who brought you Scuttle! and Ninjitsu!:

Special thanks to Tom Lang for development assistance and Dave Scott, our social media manager.

If you like Hidden Panda, please support the project (every dollar helps!) and tell your friends, especially if they have kids, know kids, or love great games!

Available Rewards:

$19USD + Shipping

PANDA - Get the game!

One copy of the game.

$6 - USA
$12 - Canada / EU / UK / Australia / New Zealand / Asia
Rest of world - Please contact for more information.

Add $23 to your order for each additional copy of Hidden Panda or for each copy of Scuttle!, The Lady and the Tiger, Ninjitsu!, or Village Pillage. Shipping for add-ons is included in the price!

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