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Night of the Mummy is a 20-minute game of hidden roles and logical deduction for 4-8 players aged 10 and up. Each player takes on the role of a classic monster - identify and expose the other players to break the curse and escape! 

This is the second game in the Masquerade series, and is fully compatible with Dracula’s Feast: New Blood.

Dracula’s Feast: New Blood is almost sold out! We only have 200 copies left - get in before they're all gone!

Night of the Mummy is a hidden roles game where everyone has a unique power. Deduce who everyone at the table is to win! 

Inquire to get more information about your opponents - they'll respond with a Yes or a No card.


Dance with other players for a chance to look at their card!

Accuse the entire table correctly to win the game! 

Each character has a unique ability - The Mummy is a master of hiding, The Cat Burglar can win by stealing one of the exhibits, and The Statue of Anubis can show its face to reveal the Mystery Guest! 

Night of the Mummy is easy to learn and quick to play. Dracula’s Feast: New Blood, the first game in the Masquerade series, has been played thousands of times over the last five years. Players are consistently impressed by the depth of play, finding new interactions and tricks to stay one step ahead and avoid giving themselves away.

Already have Dracula’s Feast: New Blood?

Night of the Mummy adds 10 new roles that can be mixed into the original, for unique interactions and endless replayability. Playtesters have told us how much they love the new combinations, as well as the new mechanisms in the sequel.

Blending the two games is easy: any characters from either version can be played in combination. It's that simple!

People have often asked for Dracula’s Feast to be a little longer - the new hide mechanism extends the game, adding a whole new level of intrigue to every dance. 

Use the skills you've mastered with New Blood and take your games to the next level! 

If you have a copy of the original Dracula’s Feast, you can purchase the upgrade pack, making the full game compatible with Night of the Mummy and all future games in the Masquerade series!

 Good Luck High Five review Dracula’s Feast: New Blood AND Night of the Mummy:

 More coming soon!

Back the game on Kickstarter to get an alternate power and art for The Mummy - an exclusive promo which won’t be available in retail!

Playing as this version of The Mummy allows you to hide in the shadows, ready to attack anyone who inquires about you!  

The game comes with 10 unique new roles, including 3 advanced guests  

You’ll be able to add copies of Night of the Mummy, Show & Tile, Goblin Teeth, The Lady and the Tiger, Village Pillage, Surf & Turf, Hidden Panda, Scuttle! (with all expansions), Jabberwocky, Meow!, or Ninjitsu! + the Treasure Hunters Expansions for just $23 each.

All add-ons include free international shipping and all promos!

NOTE: Dracula’s Feast is not available as an add-on, only to the first 200 backers to pledge at the PARTY PACK reward level.

Dracula's Feast was always intended to be the first in a series of games, each of which serves as a standalone expansion to the others. Night of the Mummy is the second in the set, and adds a mechanism - hiding - which was conceived at the same time as the original game.

If this Kickstarter is successful, it means the Masquerade series can continue! The more we raise, the better the chances are of the other two games in the set - Monster's Ball and The Howl of the Wolf Man - coming to fruition!

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$19USD + Shipping


1 copy of Night of the Mummy, the Promo Pack, and all unlocked stretch goals!


  • Night of the Mummy
  • Promo Pack
$39USD + Shipping


Get a copy of Dracula’s Feast: New Blood, Night of the Mummy, the Promo Packs for both games, and any unlocked stretch goals!


  • Night of the Mummy
  • Dracula’s Feast: New Blood
  • Promo Packs
$50USD + Shipping


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  • 5 x Night of the Mummy
  • 5 x Promo Pack

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